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THCA Diamonds

THCA Diamonds

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Diamonds are a highly concentrated crystalline structure of THC that look as their name suggests. Diamonds can be utilized similarly to wax or other forms of THC concentrations. Because of the high potency and crystalline structure, diamonds are essentially the rawest, purest form of THC. To read more about THCa Diamonds and extraction methods, check out this article to learn more! Product sold in 1 gram.

Our THCA Diamonds have a high percentage of hemp derived THCA - 99.95% (>0.03 Delta-9 THC).

Recommended for those with higher tolerances to THC/ concentrated forms of THC.

THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid naturally found in the cannabis plant. THCA is the “precursor” to  traditional THC and converts into THC when heat is applied in a process called “decarboxylation”. The decarb process occurs at an estimated 64 degrees fahrenheit and would convert THCA into THC. Because of this unstable acidic form, it’s recommended and practiced that THCA products are stored in a temperature controlled environment to maintain its structure. Effects of THCA when consumed can be comparable to those of THC, with notable shorter lasting and less psychoactive effects overall.

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