We Are Kanna CBD

We are a family owned, women owned, Indoor Hydroponic hemp grow, with two storefronts in Charlotte, NC. Our team consists of trained professionals who are passionate about the Cannabis Industry!


  • Sam

    Co-Owner/ Founder
  • Mindy

    Co-Owner/ Founder
  • Savanna

    South End Store Manager
  • Coleman

    University Store Manager
  • Carli

    Production Manager
  • Cameron

    Inventory Manager
  • Aaron

    Cultivation Manager
  • Alonso

    Production Associate
  • Ben

    Production Associate
  • Chance

    Production Associate
  • Levi

    Wellness Associate
  • Colleen

    Wellness Associate
  • Dakota

    Wellness Associate
  • Emerson

    Wellness Associate

Tested and Safe

It's hard to know if your CBD products are safe and legit. That's why we openly share facts sheets for every one of our products.

See the proof

What We Offer

  • Boutique Flower

    All flower is sent to third-party testing sites before we put it on the shelf. All COAs are attached to the product photo.

  • Delicious Edibles

    From Sour Bears to Fruity Pebbles Bars and more, we have all of your edible needs!

  • Mocktails

    Ready to experience our most popular product?!