Lab Results

Certificate of Analysis '(COA), are important to the consumer because it ensures the product is certified to contain exactly what it is marketed as.
COA's are done by a 3rd party which is not affiliated with the company producing the item to guarantee there is no bias or manipulation of the data.

Delta 8 THC Flower
Blue Magnolia w/ Northern Lights Terpenes
Earthy Sativa Smokes
Sour Pineapple w/ Durban Poison Terpenes
Pink Runtz
Runtz OG 
CBD Flower
Charlotte's Angel
Cherry Citrus
Haygood Hemp Rolls
Hopefully Hemp
Orange Glaze
Strawberry Cheese Cake 
Tennessee Tangie
Purple Haze
Pink Panther
Paradise OG
Blue Cheese #23
THCO Flower
Bubba 66
Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush THC-O w/ Forbidden Fruit Terpenes
Sour Hawaiian THC-O w/ Jack Herer Terpenes
Lifter THC-O w/ Cherry Pie Terpenes
Hawaiian Haze THC-O Small Buds


White Runtz
King Louis
Electric Buffalo
Pink Panther
THCA Flower
Mac 1
Death Star
Hippie Crippler
HHC Flower
Pineapple OG
Super Lemon Haze
Delta 10 THC Flower
London Pound Cake
Animal Mints Rosin
Pink Panther
THCa Flower
Banana MAC
Bordeaux THCA /Blueberry Muffin CBD Preroll
Cannatonic THCA / Orange Glaze CBD Pre Roll
Flow THCA /Grapefruit CBD
Gelato THCA /Purple Haze CBD Preroll
Oils and Tinctures
Kanna CBG Tincture
Kanna Delta 8 THC
Kanna CBD  Vitality
Kanna CBD Tranquility
Cascadia CBG Hemp Extract
HHC Selzter
Delta 8 THC Seltzer
QHC CBD Seltzer Passion Fruit
QHC CBD Seltzer Lemon Lavender 
Kanna 25mg Hybrid Sour Gummy Bears
Kanna 30mg Delta 8 THC Sativa Gummies
Kanna 25 mg Hybrid Gummies
Kanna 50 mg Hybrid Gummies
Kanna Delta 8 THC & CBN Sleep Gummies
Kanna CBN Sleep Gummies
Queen Hemp Co. Zen Berry CBD Gummies
Bhumi Delta 8 THC Dark Peppermint Singles
Bhumi Delta 8 THC White Lemon Blueberry Singles 
Bhumi Delta 9 THC & CBD White Peppermint Singles
Bhumi THCV Dark Raspberry Singles
Bhumi THCV Single
Bhumi Delta 8 THC Dark Peppermint Full Size
Bhumi Delta 8 THC White Lemon Blueberry Full Size
Bhumi Delta 8 THC Dark Tiramisu Full Size
Delta 9 THC Deutermann Farms Cookies
Delta 9 THC Rice Krispie Treat
Delta 9 Coffee Crunch Squares
Delta 9 THC Lollipop
Delta 9 THC Chocolate Chip Cookie
Delta 9 THC Brownie
Delta 9 THC Cereal Bar
30mg Peppermint Bark 
Queen Hemp Co. Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar
Kanna Tropical Bliss Gummies
Orange Delta 9 THC Indica Gummies
Strawberry Banana Delta 9 THC Sativa Gummies
Blueberry Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
Delta 9 THC Cooler
Kanna THCO 25mg Gummies
Kanna THCO 50mg Gummies
Kanna Delta-9 THC Smores
Kanna Full Spectrum CBD Smores 
Delta 9 THC Rice Krispies - Fruity Pebbles
Delta 9 THC Rice Krispies - Coco Pebbles
Badder Wax Delta 8 THC
Sugar Wax Delta 8 THC
THCa Wax
Vape Cartridges
Kanna Delta 8 THC Strawberry Cough
Kanna Delta 8 THC Blue Dream
Kanna Delta 8 THC Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)
Kanna Delta 8 THC Ghost Train Haze 
Kanna Delta 8 THC Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)
Kanna Delta 8 THC Pineapple Express
Kanna Delta 8 THC OG Kush
CannaAid Delta 8 THC Durban Poison
CannaAid Delta 8 THC Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)
CannaAid Delta 8 THC Sour Diesel 
CannaAid Delta 8 THC Tangie Cookies
CannaAid Delta 8 THC Gelato
CannaAid Delta 8 THC Mango Kush
CannaAid Delta 8 THC The New
CannAid Delta 10 THC Cannatonic
CannaAid HHC
CannaAid Delta 8 + THCP Cart
CannaAid HHC + HHC-P + HHC-O Cartridge
CannaAid THCO
Secret Nature Live Resin CBD - Lemon Diesel
Secret Nature Live Resin CBD - Grape Ape
Secret Nature Live Resin CBD - Gelato
Secret Nature Delta 8 THC - Super OG
Secret Nature CBD - Durban Poison
Secret Nature CBD - Forbidden Fruit (Cartridge + Disposable)
Secret Nature CBD - White Fire OG Disposable
Secret Nature CBD - Lemon Diesel
Delta 8 THC Disposable 
THCO Disposables
Live Free Wintergreen Hemp
Live Free Citrus Mango Hemp
Live Free Atomic Cinnamon Hemp
Live Free Honey Bourbon Hemp
Live Free Delta 8 THC
CBN Dream Capsules 
Kanna CBD Pet Tincture
Roxy's Pet Treat
Kanna Cooling Gel
Hot Mess Kushmetics Body Lotion
Playgood CBD Botanical Muscle Freeze