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KANNA THCA Disposable (1g)

KANNA THCA Disposable (1g)

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These THCA disposables are filled with live resin THCA distillate and infused with the delicious terpenes from a variety of strains to help you unlock a new level of indulgence. We have selected a sativa, hybrid and indica strain to cater to your morning, afternoon and evening needs. 

SATIVA: Sour Diesel is a hard-hitting sativa strain that will make your mind buzz and your body tingle. A great strain to smoke during the day when you need to gain extra momentum. 

THCA: 50.85%
CBD: 20.36%

HYBRID: Gelato is a classic hybrid that offers a balanced fusion of euphoria and relaxation. Expect a euphoric head high followed by a gentle, calming sensation that soothes the body. Its dessert-like flavors further enhance the delightful effects, creating a harmonious and satisfying high.

THCA: 51.27%
CBD: 19.47%

INDICA: Lemon OG boasts a tantalizing blend of citrusy zest and potent relaxation. Its distinct flavor profile combines the sharp tang of lemon with earthy undertones. As a quintessential indica, Lemon OG is revered for inducing a deep sense of tranquility and easing both the body and mind into a state of profound relaxation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a calming and euphoric cannabis experience.

THCA: 50.21%
CBD: 21.86%

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan Andrews
Great Product!

Very pleased with products, good communication, fast shipping

Brittany Mcroy

I love that the terps in this vape stay true to cannabis’ natural flavors. No sweetness or additives that make it taste like flavors not naturally occurring, that is my biggest pet peeve with other companies. Great quality, this is my go to vape company from here on out.

Trust us, it works

When it comes to CBD, the more you know, the better. So we’ve partnered with multiple third-party companies who specialize in COA testing to verify the quality and transparency of every product."

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