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Secret Nature Disposable CBD Vape

Secret Nature Disposable CBD Vape

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Secret Nature's CBD Disposables offer a convenient way to experience the benefits of CBD on the go, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. With premium-quality hemp-derived CBD and a range of delectable flavors, these disposables provide a fast-acting and flavorful solution for relaxation and clarity without the psychoactive effects of THC. 

CBD ~ 50%

Available Strains: 

Lemon Diesel offers a zesty citrus aroma that awakens the senses and invigorates the mind. Its effects boast the uplifting effects of its sativa genetics, inducing a state of clarity, happiness, creativity and focus. A great strain for daytime use. 

White Fire OG is an indica dominant strain that emits a fresh piney aroma with earthy undertones. This strain is a perfect choice for those seeking deep relaxation, as it delivers a sense of tranquility and calm while maintaining mental clarity. White Fire OG offers the ultimate unwind after a long day, making it a supreme selection for those looking to ease tension and find relief from stress and discomfort.

Forbidden Fruit is a heavy Indica that offers citrus and grapefruit flavor notes. It's commonly know to be deeply relaxing and some even report arousal.

Bellini is a sativa notorious for throwing your bad mood out the window. It's a highly social strain and a champ at uplifting your mood. 

Durban Poison is a renowned sativa strain with a distinct sweet and earthy aroma. It offers a a clear-headed and uplifting experience, perfect for enhancing focus and creativity while maintaining a sense of relaxation. This strain is ideal for daytime use and a great option to alleviate stress without inducing drowsiness or mental fog. 



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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Leigh Haden
so lovely

this disposable vape
pen is so lovely and easy to use! I especially love the CBD vape as it provides such a relaxing vibe!

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