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Chimera THCA - Sativa Hybrid

Chimera THCA - Sativa Hybrid

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THCA – 25.19%

Chimera's enchanting blend is a botanical masterpiece with its fusion of sativa energy and hybrid balance. With each inhale, Chimera unleashes a burst of citrusy zest, entwined with earthy undertones that awaken the senses. This strain is a manifestation of balance, offering a cerebral uplift that sparks creativity while maintaining a soothing undertow of relaxation. Chimera is your ticket to an elevated state of mind, where inspiration flows freely, and the boundaries between imagination and reality blur. 

Top Terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene to ease anxiety and stress
  • Limonene for a mood boost
  • Humulene to get rid of the munchies


The legality of THCA in a non-regulated state has led to some discussions that local lawyer, Rod Kight, describes in his blog. In short, the DEA has verified that there is a distinct difference in THCA and Delta-9 THC. Since THCA in its raw form contains no Delta-9 THC, it would be lawfully protected by the 2018 Farm Bill which federally legalizes Hemp products. Plants producing high THCA content must also comply with federal policy that provides hemp products must not exceed 0.03% Delta-9 THC. To read more on THC content testing and North Carolina Hemp policy, be sure to check out more articles on Rod Kight’s site.

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Don't post if it's out of stock

Why post all your different strains of flower if they're all OUT OF STOCK?? Makes no sense, and wastes potential customers' time! Disappointed.

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