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Bhumi Delta 9 Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Full Size Bar

Bhumi Delta 9 Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Full Size Bar

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Indulge in the latest addition to our chocolate team: the Delta-9 Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Bar! With 75mg per bar and 5mg per piece, this tasty chocolate is the perfect treat to take the edge off and loosen you up. Whether it be after your morning coffee or before you tuck yourself into bed, a square (or two or three) of this delectable chocolate will help smooth out any physical or mental tension and unrest. 

Each bar is sectioned into 15 pieces. 


Start with 1 piece, wait 30 minutes to an hour for effects to fully set in. 

Delta-9 THC is the most traditional and most well-known cannabinoid found in both the hemp and marijuana plant. Marijunaa has been legalized in over ½ of our country. Delta-9 THC is found most plentiful in the Marijuana plant, which Marijuana is considered a schedule 1 drug - “the worst of the worst ''. While Marijuana is federally and locally (NC) illegal, the hemp plant is federally legal, and codified in North Carolina hemp policy. While Delta-9 THC is most commonly found in the Marijuana plant, there are also typically trace amounts of Delta-9 THC (~0.03%) found in the hemp plant. These trace amounts are then extracted, typically added to CBD based edibles/ products to produce products that have hemp-derived (and therefore legal), Delta-9 THC. There are 2 components to Delta-9 THC under federal and local compliance that should be noted. 1st, the Delta-9 THC must be hemp derived, meaning this cannabinoid must be extracted from the hemp plant which as previously mentioned has small amounts of the cannabinoid, typically ranging from 0.02-0.03%. 2nd, the total Delta-9 THC content of a finished product must be less than 0.03% by weight. As an example, you have a 100lb cake. Out of that 100lb cake, only 3lbs of that cake could be Hemp-derived delta-9 THC extract.   

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