How CBD Can Strengthen Your Immune System?

How CBD Can Strengthen Your Immune System kanna cbd

There may be a beam of hope in the global pandemic’s darkness brought on by COVID-19 – a virus that causes acute respiratory distress and inflammation. Researchers are hoping to use CBD as a treatment for COVID-19 to relieve some of this virus’ more severe outcomes.

Researchers and medical experts from the Dental College of Georgia and the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University have recently uncovered some promising findings. They discovered that, while still not proven, CBD may help manage some of the acute inflammation brought on by the symptoms of COVID-19 that often result in organ failure and death.

Because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which supports the immune system, researchers are hopeful that CBD may be a useful tool for promoting better health.

What Is Coronavirus Disease 2019?

This novel virus, which emerged in late 2019, has upended business, travel, education, and so much more. It is easily transmitted via water droplets that occur in the aerosol humans respire. COVID-19 is characterized by fever and severe lung issues like coughing or shortness of breath.

What Is Coronavirus Disease 2019 kanna cbd

There is no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, although medical experts around the globe are racing to produce and safely test one. While waiting for the vaccine, doctors are looking for other ways to treat symptoms of COVID-19, especially the severe cases of lung inflammation.

A group of researchers, doctors, and medical experts at MCG have been studying CBD as a treatment for COVID-19, and the results have been more than favorable. Dr. Babak Baban and his team have found that CBD treatment may help patients suffering from a weakened immune system and low oxygen levels in their blood.

CBD may be especially helpful to those in the grips of cytokine storms, which are intense reactions from your body's immune system in response to the attack of COVID-19.

What Is a Cytokine Storm?

In essence,
a cytokine storm is the unmitigated release of cytokines – naturally-occurring proteins in the body that enable cell signaling. Since these proteins are pro-inflammatory, the cytokines' surge can cause acute inflammation, resulting in pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Chronic inflammation often presents as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma. Since the lungs are a critical component of our respiratory systems, unbridled inflammation can be extremely dangerous or fatal. 

CBD and Inflammation

Your body initiates inflammation as a defense to an outside attack, and unfortunately, inflammation also leads to pain. A complex signaling system of proteins prompts an inflammatory response in the body. 

CBD and Inflammation kanna cbd

There are two ways that CBD may promote reduced inflammation. The first encompasses the inhibiting of an eicosanoid enzyme known as COX2. Eicosanoids make up part of the complicated signaling system used throughout your body. CBD's anti-inflammatory properties block COX2's message to initiate this particular defense system, reducing inflammation. 

The other way CBD could help with acute or chronic inflammation is by interacting with the body's cytokines and shrinking these pro-inflammatory proteins’ production. 

How Can CBD Help?

The bad news is that the new infection rate isn't leveling out quite as quickly as experts had hoped and a vaccine is still a long way off. The good news is there may be a way to strengthen the immune system and alleviate some of the virus’ worst pulmonary symptoms, giving the lungs time to heal.

How Can CBD Help kanna cbd

This virus attacks the respiratory system, making it dangerously inflamed, but CBD could help. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and interacts with the endocannabinoid system, promoting homeostasis in the immune system, doctors hope to use CBD as a treatment for COVID-19.

When a patient is in the midst of a cytokine storm, also known as acute respiratory distress syndrome, a dose of pure CBD may be able to target the cytokines like interleukin, diminishing the intensely overactive inflammatory response from which the lungs are suffering. 

CBD may help patients strengthen their immune systems to avoid a poor outcome from ARDS, which is often a mechanical ventilator or death. 

With COVID-19, the resulting acute respiratory distress often leads to acute organ failure. If doctors can manage the cytokine storms better, they might improve the mortality rate of the coronavirus. 

The Takeaway

Doctors at the Medical College of Georgia are optimistic that they will be able to use
CBD as a treatment for COVID-19, but more research is needed. With the highest quality pure CBD, patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome may be able to alleviate the worst symptoms to re-regulate their blood's oxygen levels. 

CBD is a wonderful addition to any wellness regimen and it may promote essential health benefits for your wellbeing.

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