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CBD vs Tylenol - KANNA

For YEARS, we haven’t really understood the physiologic pathway that Tylenol or acetaminophen uses to blunt pain. Research has recently shown that Tylenol utilizes the inherent #endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. (you’ll learn more if you take my #cannabis course). We all have this system, which is the most widespread G protein-coupled system in the body. They just completely left the system out of our #medical textbooks. The ECS controls pain, movement, joy, hunger & even part of the trauma response. Turns out Tylenol uses this system to decrease prostaglandin release. When mice have their CB1 receptors removed or knocked out, the Tylenol simply did NOT WORK for pain, meaning some metabolite of acetaminophen binds to & activate cannabinoid receptors.
This ECS-Tylenol connection makes sense to me. Think about it. We all know #cannabis can be an escape that blunts emotional or physical pain. So if Tylenol is utilizing the same or a similar pathway in the body, it is logical to infer that this med might blunt both physical & emotional pain. In fact, a study in 2015 in Frontiers of Psychology proved this. Researchers conducted 2 experiments testing whether Tylenol blunted individuals’ evaluations of & emotional reactions to both negative & positive images from the International Affective Picture System. Participants who took Tylenol evaluated unpleasant stimuli less negatively & pleasant stimuli less positively, compared with participants who took a placebo. Participants in the acetaminophen condition also rated both negative & positive stimuli as less emotionally arousing.
Finally, mamas—please do not give Tylenol as advised after vaccinations. This further strips the body off #glutathione-the master healer & antioxidant of all. The liver must detoxify Tylenol so it cannot successfully produce as much glutathione, which helps you detoxify fillers, 💉& unnecessary adjuvants or toxins.
This is full informed consent on this OTC medicine that is actually not benign..& we didn’t even talk about the liver failure it can cause! Me? I prefer #CBD!

Excerpt from one of our most favorite, most educated, and greatest allies, Dr. Jess MD

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