CBD vs. THC: How Are They Different?

CBD vs. THC: How Are They Different kanna cbd

Hemp and cannabis are plant cousins and both have a significant amount of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. One of the main differences between these two plants is the ratio of cannabinoids in their makeup.

Cannabinoids are hundreds of naturally-occurring compounds found in industrial hemp and cannabis sativa. Two of the most prevalent are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 

What Are CBD and THC?

Each plant has a distinctive balance of cannabinoids. Hemp has high amounts of CBD and minimal THC, while cannabis is the exact opposite, with high THC levels in its makeup and only some CBD. 

One of the reasons that many people have adopted CBD into their wellness regimen is because it beneficially interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is one of the oldest mammalian organ systems. 

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD oil may help manage symptoms related to aging, inflammation, and pain. Other CBD benefits result in a more even-keeled outlook and the ability to let some daily stress and anxiety go. 

THC oil is also a plant-based remedy but the chemical structure of this cannabinoid is such that it will alter your mindset, imbuing a sensation of being high.

Chemical Structure

These two different cannabinoids have a very similar chemical structure except for one key difference. Both
CBD and THC are made up of 21 carbon, 30 hydrogen, and two oxygen atoms; the difference lies in these atoms’ configuration. 

CBD and THC Chemical Structure kanna cbd

CBD and THC interact with your body's endocannabinoid system because they closely resemble the cannabinoids that occur naturally in your body and affect your brain's release neurotransmitters. 

When THC and CBD interact with your ECS, neurotransmitters related to your sleep, pain, and appetite functions, are released in new and beneficial ways. 

Regardless of which neurotransmitters they affect and how they do it, CBD and THC’s clear distinction is that THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, whereas CBD is not. Although hemp does contain trace amounts of THC, it's not enough to alter your mindset. 

Different Types of CBD and THC

People have adopted hemp and cannabis for hosts of reasons over the centuries. Industrial hemp is used for
paper, building substances, and insulation, and now researchers are paying more attention to what CBD can do for our bodies. 

Different Types of CBD and THC kanna cbd

There are different types of THC and CBD. As you grow more knowledgeable about these cannabinoids, you can tailor the oils or tinctures you use to create a customizable treatment. 

The four main types of THC are:

  • THCA – The chemical progenitor of THCV, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-9 THC, may contain particular assets like reducing acute or chronic inflammation. 
  • THCV – One of the byproducts of the chemical breakdown of THCA, this compound has a high boiling point and may suppress the appetite more than other compounds. 
  • Delta-8 THC – Slightly less intense than Delta-9 THC, this compound produces mild sensations of euphoria. 
  • Delta-9 THC – This compound is what you think of as the psychoactive component to cannabis and alters your perception to make you feel euphoric. 

There are a few cannabinoids that are closely related to CBD, including:

  • CBDA – Much like THCA, CBDA is the main ingredient in hemp-derived CBD oils and tinctures, and suppresses the COX2 enzyme, decreasing inflammation. 
  • CBN – Usually, there's no CBN in a growing plant because it is created by THC's breakdown and can produce mild sedative outcomes. 
  • CBGStudies on CBG suggest that it may help reduce bacteria and promote bone growth, among other things. 
  • CBC – Most CBC is found in hemp or cannabis plants that grow in tropical areas. It may aid in the reduction of inflammation and the promotion of bone growth. 

Whether you prefer a tincture, a CBD oil with THC, CBD isolate, or the benefits of smoking CBD the flower, the more you know about this incredible plant and the chemistry of the different cannabinoids in it, the more customized you can make your regimen. 

The Final Word

The CBD industry is booming, and many have found a myriad of beneficial results from adding CBD and CBD products to their everyday routines. As you continue on your CBD journey, it's vital to learn the difference between CBD and THC.

At Kanna CBD, we offer the highest quality products with a firm foundation in attentive customer service. Whether you're new to CBD or have known about its valuable gains for a while, we can help you find the right CBD ratio for your daily health routine.

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