8 ways to handle stress this holiday season like a pro.

8 ways to handle stress this holiday season like a pro. - KANNA

The holidays can be stressful enough to bring down even those with the most Christmas spirit. Whether it be family finances or difficult family dynamics…use these PRO TIPS to help you stay jolly this year!

1)  Nervous Flyer? 

If you are one of the many people who are anxious before or during a flight, you are not alone… Not being able to catch those extra ‘zzz’s’ on the plane can make or break you during the busy holiday season.

Pro Tip: Take Tranquility CBD Oil to help you sleep and relax during your travel this season.

2)  Troublesome family members? 

The holidays are a special time, and, as special as these occasions are, dealing with difficult relatives can be as bad as forgetting the stuffing. You want to have a nice dinner, but Uncle Bobby just slammed all the dessert wine?

Pro Tip: You don’t need a chill pill, instead you need Vitality CBD Oil, a mood booster for anxiety and stress relief.

3)  Dressing up as Santa?

Are you dressing up as Santa this year for the kids? Carrying around that big sack of toys all night will cause a lot of children to smile, but it can also cause you a lot of back pain.

Pro Tip: Use CBD Cooling Gel to rub on that lower back or shoulder, and keep delivering smiles this holiday.

4) Overwhelmed? 

Moms, are you overwhelmed with the hordes of children running around the kitchen while you’re trying to make sure you don’t burn the 12 different dishes that you’ve spent hours preparing?

Pro Tip: Don’t forget a single thing this holiday season by taking Clarity CBD Oil for long-lasting focus and energy all day.

5) Overachiever?

Overachievers, is your work schedule overwhelming this year? Don’t even have time off for holiday parties?

Pro Tip: Take at least an hour for yourself to relax this week, and get your mind right. Unwind in the tub after your long day with a CBD bath bomb, and take your relaxation to the next level.

6) Tired and bloated? 

Foodies, we know how it is this time of year - too many unhealthy Christmas treats have you feeling tired, bloated and a bit depressed.

Pro Tip: Instead of binging on Christmas cookies, try eating some fruit for dessert with your favorite CBD oil. Terpenes, which are commonly found in both CBD products and fruit, give plants unique aromatic profiles and they provide many health benefits. Mangoes, Lemons, and Oranges are great to start with. Mangoes have the terpene Myrcene, and it is known for helping people relax and rest. Lemons and Oranges both have the terpene Limonene, which is known to be a strong mood booster and will help you let go of all that stress.

7) Assembling all the things? 

Dear Dad (or Grandpa), we see you spending hours putting together a life-size dollhouse, you are the real MVP’s. But working in Santa’s shop can really take a toll on the body, joint pain and tight, dry skin is the last thing you want to be thinking about when the kids wake up.

Pro Tip: Try using Sativa Steve CBD Lotion to reduce pain/inflammation while hydrating your skin and making you smell amazing! Using this lotion on your knees, elbows, shoulders, and other joints is GREAT for arthritis pain.

8) Perfectionist? 

Are you a Perfectionist? There are always so many boxes to check off the holiday to-do list. This can cause a stressful time-crunch for all of you with slightly OCD tendencies who take forever to get everything juuust right. Especially, when Aunt Jane tries to help you by unevenly hanging the ornaments on your perfect Christmas tree, which you then have to re-hang…

Pro Tip: Try putting on some Rose-Colored Glasses before you get annoyed this holiday.

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