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Repair + Recover Mend Shot


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Your healing friend. Ginger turmeric clove infused with an alleviating blend of terpenes to support you and your recovery. Drink it anytime you need a lil’ extra support.

*This product does not contain THC or any other cannabinoids.

What are terpenes?

They are the natural compounds found in plants that give them their distinct aroma, flavor, and effects.


Although the cannabis industry is responsible for shining a light on terpenes, we are here to educate about their benefits and bring them outside of the cannabis space and beyond.


Terpenes are in everything from your morning smoothie to your evening tea. You don’t have to use cannabis to benefit from them; however, cannabis can enhance their results.


Because terpenes have a wide array of benefits, we craft unique terpene blends to maximize their effects. Below we highlight why we chose each terp for each bev!


What terpenes are in Mend? Limonene- found in citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges, can help to reduce pain and boost your mood.

Caryophyllene- found in cloves, rosemary and hops, is the only terpene known to also act as a cannabinoid which can activate your endocannabinoid system to provide anti-inflammatory effects.

alpha-Pinene- found in parsley, rosemary, and pine, can help increase alertness and may help reduce inflammation.

Myrcene- found in mangos, lemongrass, and hops, interacts with the blood-brain barrier which can help to increase the effectiveness of cannabinoids like CBD, it can also help you and your muscles relax and make you comfy.

When should I take it? You (as long as you’re an adult) should take this whenever you need a lil’ extra support.


Friend of the plant? Pair with your best bud up to 20 minutes before you partake.


Best Buds!

Take Mend with Intensify and you may enjoy increased effects!


Our terpene infused shots are crafted to enhance your well-being. With the right companion, any hour can be The Happiest Hour!