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Bubba Kush Mix CBD

Bubba Kush Mix CBD

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Proudly grown right here at Kanna, the Bubba Kush Mix is a combination of Bubba Kush 59 and Bubba Kush 66 - two high profile strains from the Bubba Kush lineage. If you’ve been searching for overall mental and physical tranquility, look no further. The Bubba Kush Mix is abundant in caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene to promote deep relaxation in the mind and body. Fade away any stress leftover from the day with this Bubba Kush Mix - the perfect strain for an evening session.

CBD flower contains up to 0.03% THC.

Stock Image Similar to Bubba Kush 59, actual buds may vary.

CBD is the 2nd most plentiful natural cannabinoid found in cannabis. CBD is found in lower amounts in the marijuana plant, and high amounts in the Hemp plant and does not produce a psychoactive effect alone. There are 2 forms of CBD that are imperative for users to understand and differentiate. The first being Full-Spectrum CBD in which CBD is extracted from cannabis, whether that is the marijuana plant, or hemp plant. Full-Spectrum CBD will likely have minute amounts of THC (typically ranging from 0.01-0.03%) and can offer what is called the “Entourage Effect”. The Entourage Effect is a theory that a combination of cannabinoids can produce mutually beneficial effects. This could include deep relaxation or stimulation based on the product/ strain, while not feeling a full-blown psychoactive effect like THC. On the other end, Broad spectrum is exclusively CBD, wherein all other cannabinoids have been removed to create a purified CBD isolate. CBD has been highly researched and is more accepted in the main-stream medical arena for its countless benefits.

The Harvard School of Medicine published research that can offer further insight on some of the medical benefits of CBD -

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