I really enjoyed this. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia as well as chronic pain. This was the best cbd product I’ve tried. I felt some relaxed an at ease for once. I definitely prefer this over pain medications an anxiety pills. Also the packaging was very nice. The shipping was also fast. Will be a returning costumer.
- Sierra, Hawaiian Haze

After a long day this helps relax and relieve stress. It also helps to get me to sleep. 
- Tim, 
Hawaiian Haze

Amazing product. Very wholesome and pure. So easy to take and it has helped me to stay on task with things.
- Cynthia, Kanna Vitality

These are really great for when you want a more discreet pre-roll option, however, these do burn fast! Not necessarily a bad thing but just something to keep in mind. I would buy them again!   
- Nicole, Filtered Hemp  Pre-Roll

Just picked this strain up and its definitely a new favorite. Strong aroma of lemon-lime and tastes almost fruity when smoking. Great way to get the day started, offers a nice boost of energy along with clearing the mind, highly recommend!
- Chris, Frosted Lime

This oil is perfect for racing minds at night! I take a mL before I go to bed and have never had a better night sleep!
- Danny, Kanna Tranquility


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