Kanna CBD Topical Product Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Cream And An Ointment?

A cream is a preparation of medication for topical use that contains a water base. An ointment is a preparation of a medication for topical use that contains an oil base- a preparation of water in oil. While ointments have a higher concentration of oil, creams have a higher concentration of water. 

What Is The Difference Between A Topical CBD Cream/Ointment Vs A CBD Oil For Internal Use?

Anything called CBD cream is just a cream-based topical infused with CBD. Most high-quality health and beauty creams are about half oil and half water to preserve moisture in the skin Some topicals have other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Creams are thicker, and especially those with high fat content and emollient qualities might help dry skin and those with itchy skin conditions. Balms and salves are made with wax and oil, making them absorb more slowly and work well for massing into muscles, for chronic pain. Roll-on tinctures offer joint pain relief. 

CBD has been shown to reduce or eliminate pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle aches, inflammation, anxiety, depression, eczema, rashes, sunburns, other skin ailments and more. Shower gel: pain management and to alleviate skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, sunburns and acne.

Is Your CBD Extract Sourced From Hemp or Marijuana?

Out CBD extract is sourced from Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract from the U.S.

Is Your CBD Tested In 3rd-Party Labs?

We have lab results or COA to ensure the customer is actually getting what they are being told. COA’s are done by a 3rd party which is not affiliated with the company producing the item to guarantee there is no bias or manipulation of the data. 

What Is The Difference Between Kanna CBD Products And Other CBD Products On The Market?

We provide natural, and legal, health solutions with our curated selection of top-quality CBD products. Quality is our top priority. Our tinctures are made to have specific terpenes to maximize its targeted benefits. 

How Do I Apply Kanna CBD Products?

Our various products are applied in different formats. We have edibles, topicals, capsules, smokeable, pet products and tinctures which are taken sublingually. 

Where Can I Buy Kanna CBD Products?

You can purchase our products online at kannacbd.org or at our store located at 209 W Worthington Ave Charlotte, NC 28203. 

Are Kanna CBD Products Tested On Animals?

None of our products are tested on animals

Are Kanna CBD Products Vegetarian Or Vegan?

Most of our products are vegetarian or vegan except for some of our edibles which may contain gelatin or dairy. We do have many vegan options including our dark chocolate and vegan Liberty fruit chews. 

Are All Kanna CBD Products Tested For Glyphosate?

Yes our products are tested for glyphosate which is indicated in the COA.