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Welcome to KANNA CBD!

We specialize in CBD and legal THC in North Carolina.


CBD: will not get you high, but users report feeling relaxed and less anxious. CBD may help with pain and insomnia.
CBN: may act as a sedative, allowing you to fall and stay asleep. CBN has also shown strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neuroprotectant qualities.
CBG: has been used to combat pain or stress, increase focus, increase appetite, support eye health and help with digestive health.
Delta-8 THC: a less potent version of traditional marijuana. D8 is a great body high followed by euphoria, happiness, sedation and symptom relief.
Delta-9 THC: traditional marijuana, a strong body and head high. D9 is not legal in NC. We are able to sell edibles containing less than .3% of Delta-9 by weight!
Delta-10 THC: is said to be less potent than Delta-8. D10 for those craving a creative head high. Perfect daytime smoke to find motivation or energy. 
HHC: is said to be stronger than Delta-8. HHC is great for those looking for a motivating/buzzy high with pain relief!
THC-A: a natural cannabinoid. When you light this bud on fire, its chemical structure changes into Delta-9 or traditional marijuana. 
THC-V: a natural cannabinoid. THC-V acts as an appetite suppressant/energizer! May provide an Adderall-like experience with a relaxed mental state. 
THC-O: designed to be stronger than traditional marijuana. THC-O is called the psychedelic cannabinoid for its angelic, floating in the clouds effect.



Limonene may help in boosting your mood, metabolism and even reduce heartburn!
Caryophyllene may help with digestive health, reduce inflammation and provide a relaxing effect.
Ocimene may provide uplifting mental effects and act as a decongestant.
Pinene may provide energizing, mood-enhancing effects with neuroprotective benefits. Can help you breathe better and focus.
Myrcene may provide you with relaxing and sedative effects with pain relieving benefits. 
Linalool may help with anxiety or depression and also help with falling asleep.
Humulene may promote weight loss, as an anti-inflammatory, to treat allergies and as a target to reduce tumor growth.  



HHC is known for uplifting, motivating and pain relieving benefits!
Fruity Pebbles OG to feel giggly, happy and uplifted.
THC-O is known as the psychedelic cannabinoid for its floating in the clouds effects! 
White Runtz to feel tingly, relaxed and euphoric.
King Louis THC-O (Indica) to feel sleepy, relaxed and hungry.
Delta-10 THC for more of a motivating experience!
London Poundcake Delta-10 + Delta-8 blend to feel sleepy, relaxed and tingly
Delta-8 THC for more of a relaxing experience, great for nausea, appetite or sleep!
Orange Soda Delta-8 (Sativa) to feel uplifted, happy and relaxed.
Blueberry Muffin to feel relaxed, tingly and happy.
CBD to relax the muscles and the mind. Non-psychoactive.
CBD ATL to feel uplifted while relaxed. This strain was created special for medicinal users.
CBD Strawberry Cheesecake to feel happy, sleepy and euphoric.  
CBD BaOx is great for those looking to ease stress and mellow out.
CBD Purple Haze relaxing, euphoric effects.


CBD Disposable Vapes $32.99

Lemon Diesel to feel energetic, uplifted and euphoric.
Durban Poison to feel energetic, uplifted and focused.
Bellini to feel uplifted and forget about any body pains.
Forbidden Fruit to feel sleepy, relaxed and aroused.
White Fire OG to feel energetic, uplifted and creative.

Delta-8 Disposable Vapes $36.99

Pineapple Express to feel energetic, happy and talkative.
Gelato for mental and physical relaxation.
Thin Mint for pain relief, appetite loss and insomnia.
Ice Cream Cake for a euphoric, sedative, body high.
Delta-10 Cartridges $34.99
Kali Mist to feel energetic, creative and focused.
Larry Bird OG to feel uplifted, giggly and relaxed.
Cannatonic to feel uplifted while also relaxed.
Chocolate Mint OG to feel hungry, relaxed and sleepy.


Delta-8 Cartridges $34.99

Pineapple Express to feel energetic, happy and talkative.
Ghost Train Haze to find concentration and knock out the pain.
Durban Poison to feel focused, creative and less stressed.
Sour Diesel is a hard-hitting and fast-acting energizer.
Tangie Cookies to feel energetic, while still being able to focus. Great for ADD or ADHD patients.
Gelato numbs the pain and relaxes the body but is mentally stimulating and productive.
Blue Razz to feel relaxed and help with body pains.
OG Kush to feel hungry, sleepy and stress-free.
Granddaddy Purple to aid stress, pain, insomnia, appetite loss and muscle spasms. 
The New is hard-hitting and fast-acting relaxation. Perfect “right before bed” smoke.

HHC Cartridges $34.99

Mimosa to feel energetic, uplifted and focused.
Orange Chai Latte to feel happy, less stressed and focused.
Raspberry Lemonade to feel euphoric, energized and motivated.
Papaya Rosin for those who seek nausea or insomnia relief. 

THC-O Cartridges $34.99

Strawberry Cough to feel energetic, uplifted and talkative.
Trainwreck to feel euphoric, energized and creative.
Jack Herer to feel energetic, creative and focused.
Cherry Pie to feel giggly, happy or aroused.
Obama Runtz to feel euphoric, talkative or giggly. Great for muscle relaxation.
Northern Lights to feel euphoric effects throughout the mind and body. May have you sleepy, happy and relaxed.

DELTA-8 + THC-P Cartridge $36.99

Stoney Pebbles to feel giggly, happy and uplifted.


HHC + HHC-O + HHC-P Cartridge $36.99

Banana Kush to feel talkative, giggly and sleepy.


THC-A Wax (Top-Shelf) $59.99/Gram

Sour Diesel is a hard-hitting, fast-acting energizer. 
Blue Dream to feel creative, energetic and uplifted.
Blueberry to feel relaxed may help with pain relief.
Cherry Pie to feel giggly, happy and aroused.
Zkittles to feel alert, happy and relaxed.
Cookies to feel sleepy, relaxed and hungry.
OG Kush is known to stimulate appetite and giggles, while also aiding in stress and anxiety relief.
Wedding Cake is known to stimulate appetite and arousal, leaves the user feeling dreamy and euphoric.

THC-O Wax $64.99/Gram

Sour Diesel, also referred to as Sour D / Sour Deez, is a commonly known sativa strain. It offers pungent tastes and smells while giving a social, talkative, energetic high.
Runtz is an infamous hybrid providing a happy, talkative, and giggly high. High in Caryophyllene (a terpene) known to help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.
OG Kush was created by crossing Chemdog, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush. Offering an earthy and piney taste, this hybrid strain is known to stimulate appetite and giggles, while also aiding in stress and anxiety relief.
Wedding Cake was birthed from crossbreeding Triangle Kush and Animal Mintz; the results are a heavy Indica-dominant strain. It's known to stimulate appetite and arousal, leaves the user feeling dreamy and euphoric.


Pre-Rolls are Buy 3 Get 1 Free, Everyday.

CBD $12.99
Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, THC-O $14.99
THC-A $14.99 (does not qualify for free pre-roll)
CBD Hemp Rolls (20 pack) $9.99
Delta-8 Sativa Smokes (20 pack) $36.00
Palm Leaf Blunt Slim $16.99
Palm Leaf Blunt King $19.99



CBD 1G $10.00
CBD 3.5G $30.00
CBD 7G $55.00
CBD 14G $95.00
CBD 28G $175.00
Delta-8 (Outdoor Grown) 1G $10.99
Delta-8 (Outdoor Grown) 3.5 $28.99
Delta-8 (Outdoor Grown) 7G $49.99
Delta-8 (Outdoor Grown) 14G $79.99
Delta-8 (Outdoor Grown) 28G $149.99
Delta-8 (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 1G $11.99
Delta-8 (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 3.5G $29.99
Delta-8 (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 7G $58.99
Delta-8 (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 14G $99.99
Delta-8 (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 28G $189.99
Delta-10 (Outdoor Grown) 1G $10.99
Delta-10 (Outdoor Grown) 3.5G $28.99
Delta-10 (Outdoor Grown) 7G $49.99
Delta-10 (Outdoor Grown) 14G $79.99
Delta-10 (Outdoor Grown) 28G $149.99
Delta-10 (Indoor Grown) 1G $11.99
Delta-10 (Indoor Grown) 3.5G $29.99
Delta-10 (Indoor Grown) 7G $58.99
Delta-10 (Indoor Grown) 14G $99.99
Delta-10 (Indoor Grown) 28G $189.99
THC-O (Outdoor Grown) 1G $10.99
THC-O (Outdoor Grown) 3.5G $28.99
THC-O (Outdoor Grown) 7G $49.99
THC-O (Outdoor Grown) 14G $79.99
THC-O (Outdoor Grown) 28G $149.99
THC-O (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 1G $11.99
THC-O (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 3.5G $29.99
THC-O (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 7G $58.99
THC-O (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 14G $99.99
THC-O (Indoor Grown + Terpenes) 28G $189.99


Raw Hemp Wick $2.99
Raw Rolling Papers (1.25 size) $2.99
Raw Rolling Papers (King size) $2.99
Raw Cones (6 pack 1.25 size) $2.99
Raw Cones (3 pack King size) $2.99
Palm Leaf Blunt (1 King size) $1.99
Rechargeable/Heat Adjustable Battery $15.99
Lookah Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer $79.99
Lookah SeaHorse Pro Electric Dab Rig $49.99
Lookah SeaHorse 2.0 Electric Dab Rig $59.99
Lookah SeaHorse Coil Replacement (1 pack) 6.99
Grinder (Standard Size) $24.99

Rolling Tray with Lid $14.99




Terpene Shots (THC-FREE) $5.00 Each
CBD Seltzer (7 MG) $4.00
Delta-8 blended with CBD & CBG Seltzer (20MG) $7.99
HHC blended with CBD & CBG Seltzer (10MG) $7.99
Delta-9 Coolers (Lemonade, Grape & Sweet Tea) $11.99
Beer $3.00 (IN-STORE ONLY)
Wine Glass or Bottles available.
ALL Wine Bottles are 50% OFF on Thursdays! (IN-STORE ONLY)



Sample Sizes of Gummies are available in-store only. Try a $8.00 sample pack of fun gummies or a $9.99 sample pack of sleepy gummies (7 nights of sleep trial pack)!

Zen Berry CBD Gummies (10MG/Each, 30 Pack) $39.99
Kanna Blueberry CBD "Stress Free" Gummies (25MG/Each, 30 Pack) $39.99
Delta-8 Sativa "Talkative" Assorted Flavors (30MG/Each, 15 Pack) $34.99
Delta-8 Sativa Tropical Bliss (50MG/Each, D8 + Uplifting Terpenes) $34.99
Delta-8 “Relaxing Hybrid” (25/MG Each, 20 Pack) $29.99
Delta-8 “Deep Relaxation Hybrid” (50/MG Each, 20 Pack) $49.99
Delta-9 "Chill Mode" Indica (33MG/ Each, 20 Pack) $39.99
THC-O "Floaty" (25MG/Each) $39.99
CBN Sleepy Gummies “THC-Free” (10MG/Each, 30 Pack) $39.99
CBN + Delta-8 Sleepy Gummies (30MG/Each, 30 Pack) $39.99
CBN + CBD + Delta-9 Sleepy Gummies (22.5MG/Each, 30 Pack) $39.99



Queen Hemp CBD Sea Salt Chocolate (100MG/Total) $14.99
Bhumi Chocolate CBD Raspberry (150MG/Total) $24.99
Bhumi Chocolate Delta-8 Sample Size (25MG/Total) $5.00
Bhumi Chocolate Delta-8 Full Size (200MG/Total) $24.99
Bhumi Chocolate THC-V Sample Size (20MG/Each) $5.00
Queen Hemp Delta-8 Chocolate Himalayan Sea Salt (300MG/Total) $29.99
Bhumi Chocolate Delta-9 + CBD Sample Size (20MG/Each) $5.00
Bhumi Chocolate Delta-9 + CBD Full Size (150MG/Total) $24.99


Delta-9 Edibles

Delta-9 Lemonade Cooler $11.99
Bhumi Chocolate Delta-9 + CBD Sample Size (20MG/Each) $5.00
Bhumi Chocolate Delta-9 + CBD Full Size (150MG/Total) $24.99
Delta-9 Lollipop (10MG/Each) $11.99
Delta-9 Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bar (10MG/Each) $11.99
***Delta-9 Cookie (100MG/Each) 14.99***



Kanna CBD Vitality Sample Size (7.5ML) $18.00
Kanna CBD Vitality Full Size (30ML) $69.99
Kanna CBD Tranquility Sample Size (7.5ML) $18.00
Kanna CBD Tranquility Full Size (30ML) $69.99
CBG Full Size (30ML) $49.99
Kanna Delta-8 Full Size (30ML) $44.99
Kanna CBD Salmon for Pets (Cat & Dog Friendly, 30ML) $29.99



Kanna CBD Cooling Gel (50ML) $59.99



CBD Is Better For Focus (2 Soft gels) $5.00
CBD Is Better For Focus (30 Soft gels) $49.99
CBD Is Better For Hangovers (2 Soft gels) $5.00
CBD Is Better For Hangovers (30 Soft gels) $49.99
Kratom+ Capsules (Inspire, Create, Explore) $25.00



Tie Dye Kanna Tee $19.99
Kanna Leather Patch Hat $25.00
 “Thank You For Pot Smoking” Crew Neck $34.99
“Thank You For Pot Smoking” Cropped Hoodie $59.99



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