Charlotte Weed Delivery

At Kanna CBD, we offer a wide assortment of high-quality, legal CBD products. Take advantage of having our products delivered right to your door while simultaneously supporting a local North Carolina business.

Our online shop has everything you could need, from CBD oils to beauty products to treats for your pup. Shop by product or what you need the most help with. Stress relief, focus, recovery, and relaxation are our top priorities, and sometimes you can go through all these feelings in one day. Try our licensed plants and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered. 

CBD and Hemp Delivered to Your Door

Nowadays, the last thing you should have to worry about is going out while you’re dealing with stress. Getting your CBD and hemp goodies is easier than ever with convenient shipments right to your door. 

Outside of some restrictions around international locations, Kanna CBD can ship to virtually any location. As soon as your order is placed, the Kanna CBD team will let you know when you can expect to receive your products. 

If you live within 5 miles of our store in Charlotte, NC, we can deliver our incredible range of products directly to your doorstep on the same day for orders placed before closing.

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Kanna CBD Products

At Kanna CBD, we offer a wide selection of CBD and hemp products, ranging from flowers, oils/tinctures, capsules, edibles, and topical solutions. Hemp is not the same as weed; hemp is a close relative of the cannabis plant, but it is non-psychoactive, so you can use it any time. Unlike cannabis, hemp contains low levels of THC and high amounts of CBD for maximum wellbeing benefits.

All our products undergo comprehensive testing to provide a full panel certificate of analysis to provide you with the utmost level of transparency about each product. 

  • Flowers and Pre-rolls

Our CBD flowers and pre-rolls offer unique scents and smoky flavors that can help elevate your mood or induce a feeling of calm. Whichever flower you choose, you can enjoy it conveniently with our handy pre-rolls.

  • CBD Oils

Also known as tinctures, our CBD oils are a popular option and can be a great addition to your favorite food or smoothie. If you like to experiment with different doses, oils offer a great way to easily increase or decrease dosages with just a few drops. 

  • CBD Capsules

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to take your CBD, our capsules are a convenient method. You can skip the hassle of determining dosages with these pre-measured pills.

  • CBD Edibles

From fruity chews to savory chocolates, we offer a tasty variety of edibles. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy specific benefits with your specially made edible treat. 

  • Topical CBD

CBD and hemp products also come in a range of topical solutions that can help curb dry skin or be added to your beauty routine for flawless skin. We offer topical products such as lotions, creams, cooling gels, facial solutions, and even bath bombs.

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Benefits of CBD

If you’ve ever wanted to try CBD, our convenient shipping options allow you to experience the many benefits of CBD without having to leave your home. Fans of CBD love its ability to help them manage stress, promote recovery from activity-induced soreness, and instill a profound sense of calm.

CBD does all of this through its interactions with your natural endocannabinoid systemDiscovered in the early 1990s, the ECS is a unique signaling network that promotes homeostasis throughout the body’s most crucial systems, including appetite, sleep, mood, and the immune system. 

The ECS is filled with CB1 and CB2 receptors, which interact with your body’s natural cannabinoids and those found in hemp and cannabis. 

Use our topical products on dry skin and sore muscles or use our tinctures and capsules for a daily wellbeing boost. Smoke hemp flowers for a fast-acting way to promote a sense of balance in your daily life. Incorporate CBD-infused lotions and soaps into your nightly routine to unwind before bed.

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Final Thoughts

If you are ready to try CBD for yourself, check out all the great products Kanna CBD has to offer. We offer speedy delivery to a huge variety of locations, and if you live within 5 miles of our store, we can provide same-day delivery if you order before close of business. Located in Charlotte, NC, Kanna CBD is just a phone call away at (980) 237-6651.