Charlotte Marijuana and Cannabis Dispensary

Charlotteans or others visiting the Queen City may be happy to know that they can find a wealth of CBD products to enjoy locally. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a popular chemical compound from the cannabis flower that can induce a sense of calm and help you navigate everyday stressors. 

Some FDA-approved medical treatments contain CBD and many hope that more will come as research on cannabis progresses. Whether you’re looking to restore your inner calm or support your overall wellness, there are plenty of CBD products available to you through your local Charlotte dispensary. 

What CBD Can Do for You

Natural remedy seekers turn to CBD for a host of health benefits. Cannabis, and specifically CBD, is sought after in Charlotte, NC, and around the world for its ability to help individuals improve their focus and remain calm during stressful situations. CBD also supports recovery from activity-induced soreness and balance and wellness.

It’s also highly favored for pets due to its ability to help our furry friends maintain a greater sense of calm. 

Common Types of CBD Products

cbd products kanna cbd

When visiting the city of Charlotte, you can find a wide range of CBD products to enhance your wellbeing, work through stress, promote recovery after a workout, and even keep dry skin at bay. 

You can find CBD products in various forms, with some of the most popular today being flowers, oils, capsules, edibles, and topical creams. Kanna CBD offers a wide selection of quality cannabis products, including ingestible and topical varieties.  

These natural products undergo comprehensive testing to provide a full panel certificate of analysis to give you peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re getting with each product. Like any product, it’s best to carefully check the business or manufacturer’s information and labels before buying. 

  • CBD Flowers 

CBD flowers and pre-rolls are a go-to way to enjoy these botanical buds’ unique scents and smokes. Depending on the flower, its flavors can range from fruity to buttery and can help with elevated mood or bringing about a feeling of calm.  

  • CBD Oils 

Oils are one of the most commonly used forms of CBD, otherwise known as tinctures. These tinctures can be consumed by placing the oil under the tongue and holding it up to a minute or quickly added to food or your favorite smoothie. CBD oils allow you to effortlessly adjust your dosage with less or more drops to achieve the perfect desired effect. 

  • CBD Capsules 

For those who are new to CBD products or want a more convenient way of ingesting it, capsules are another handy method. Because they come in pre-measured amounts, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your dosage. 

  • CBD Edibles 

An increasingly popular form of CBD is edibles, ranging from chewable gummies to lollipops to chocolate morsels. If you have a sweet tooth, edibles are an incredibly tasty and enjoyable way to take your CBD. Many of these CBD-infused treats are also prepared with precise, controlled doses to offer the specific benefits that you may be looking for.   

  • CBD Creams 

In addition to the many ways users can ingest CBD, there are plenty of topical options as well. Many have found CBD helpful in the fight against dry skin, with some studies showing its potential to help manage psoriasis symptoms in conjunction with traditional medicines. CBD topicals run the gamut from body lotions and creams to cooling gels, facial bars, and bath bombs. Whatever your preference, your local dispensary will have a skin CBD option for you. 

The Final Word

cbd natural product kanna cbd

Whether you call the City of Charlotte, North Carolina home or are visiting for a relaxing vacation, you can readily access a variety of local cannabis and CBD products at your nearby dispensary to benefit your well-being. From edibles to topical creams, there are cannabis and CBD products everyone can use and enjoy.