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Kanna CBD is Charlotte, North Carolina's go-to destination for all things CBD. We offer a wide variety of products, from edibles to topical creams, including hemp oil, capsules, gummies, lotions, and more. Our founders believe in offering legal and natural CBD solutions to improve your wellness.

Whether you want natural remedies for dealing with stress, improving focus, recovering after a workout or strenuous activity, or to encourage relaxation, Kanna has a product for you. All our CBD and hemp products are high-quality and completely natural. 

To ensure full transparency, all our products undergo comprehensive testing to provide a complete panel certificate of analysis. This way, you know precisely what you’re getting with your purchase. 

Types of CBD and Hemp Products

cbd and hemp products kanna cbd

At Kanna CBD, we have a wide array of CBD and hemp products to help you along your wellness journey

Our CBD and hemp options cover the gamut, ranging from oils, capsules, edibles, pre-rolls to topicals. You can use our oils by placing drops directly under the tongue or adding them to your favorite smoothie. If you’ve got a busy day ahead and need something quick and easy, take a convenient capsule before you head out the door. 

If you’re looking for a tasty treat with all the CBD and hemp benefits you know and love, you can try one of our chocolate morsels or fruity gummies. Or, if you prefer a handy pre-roll, we have a flavorful variety of strains and smokes. 

If you suffer from conditions like dry skin or psoriasis, we have a range of topical lotions and creams that can help keep your skin hydrated. Paired with our other beauty essentials like CBD cooling gels, facial bars, and bath bombs, you can get all the necessities for a relaxing spa day at home. 

We also offer bundles so you can sample and enjoy a delightful mix of your favorite products. Whether you’re looking for a sense of calm or focus and even if you are looking to boost your mood, we have bundles that combine oils, capsules, and more to provide the therapeutic benefits you seek. 

Navigating Stress

cbd and hemp products kanna cbd

At Kanna CBD, we have multiple products to help you work through the stresses of everyday life. Stress can come from work, family, or outside events and interfere with your ability to rest, relax, and simply enjoy life. CBD oils and hemp oils may encourage more production of serotonin. People dealing with low mood or high-stress levels often have lower levels of serotonin. If you require a mood-booster but are new to CBD products, you may want to check out our range of CBD oils, otherwise known as tinctures. 

Liberty is a full spectrum tincture that uses non-GMO hemp extract to help naturally minimize your stress levels. The small glass dropper allows for easy dosage measurement. If you prefer something even more convenient like capsules, try our Alleviate Sport Softgels. The combination of pure CBD oil and curcumin, a naturally occurring oxidant-rich extract, can help you find a greater sense of calm. 

Consider our Charlotte Angel pre-roll for those who want to try some botanicals but don’t feel up to rolling themselves. Made from hemp flower, it has citrus scents and tastes of lemon and mint. Because it’s pre-rolled, you won’t need to worry about weighing out your botanicals.

Improving Focus

The modern world has a lot of distractions. With social media, news apps, and work emails, it may seem challenging to focus on one task. CBD oil and hemp extracts can help increase your focus and block out all those pesky distractions. 

Our Clarity Hemp Oil also includes Alpha-Pinene, a plant terpene that encourages concentration and creativity. One drop in the morning can help you start your day right, promote better work productivity, and help you be more focused. We offer it in a trial size for those new to Hemp Oil products.

If you prefer smoke to oil, try our fresh Frosted Lime botanicals. This clarity-increasing strain is a hybrid, combining Frosty with another, unknown strain. Its lime flavor and skunky smell will delight your senses and may help enhance your focus. 

Recovering from Soreness

recovering from soreness kanna cbd

You may be looking for natural relief from sore muscles after a hard day at the gym or another strenuous activity or have occasional aches and pains from an old sports injury. Our hemp and CBD products may help relieve soreness and reduce tension. CBD oils may increase the amount of anandamide in your system, which can offer targeted results to help alleviate soreness. 

If you ran an extra mile or forgot to stretch after lifting, you may want to try our CBD-infused cooling gel. Rub some of it onto your tired muscles to help reduce tension and provide some relief. 

If you’re a chocolate lover with an occasional sore back, check out our hemp-infused Chocolate and Sea Salt bar. It’s organic and vegan and delivers antioxidants and improved hydration. 

Start Your Wellness Journey

Whether you call the Queen City home or are visiting Charlotte for the first time, Kanna CBD has a wide range of CBD and hemp products to start you on your wellness journey. If you’re seeking a natural way to work through stress, enhance your focus, or promote recovery after a workout or physical activity, try one of our quality products today.