7/10 Codes

Happy 7/10 Friends! We are celebrating with some awesome deals! Don't forget to use your discount code at checkout. YOU CAN USE MULTIPLE DISCOUNTS AT ONCE! Enjoy.

Discount Codes Active 12AM 7/10 - 11:59PM 7/10

Buy 2 Concentrates Get 1 Free!

Available Concentrates to Purchase: Sugar Wax, Badder Wax, Diamond Sauce, Diamonds

Choose You Free Concentrate: Sugar Wax or Badder Wax

Use Code: WAX


$100 Dab Package Includes:

1 Lookah, 1G D8 Sugar Wax + 1G Diamonds


Buy 2 THCA Eights, Get 1 Free!

Available THCA Eighths: Green Crack, Chemdawg, Grape Ape, Gorilla Breath + Death Star

Choose Your Free Eighth: Green Crack, Grape Ape or Gorilla Breath

Freebie Excludes Living Soil Strains



Buy 4 THCA Pre-Rolls, Get 2 Free!

Available THCA Pre-Rolls: Pineapple Pez, Hippie Crippler, Mandarin Cookies, Shamrock Shake, MAC 1, Apple Jacks, Gian Carlo, Lemon Drop, King Louis, Gorilla Breath, Grape Gas, Ice Cream Cake

Available THCA Palm Blunts: Green Crack, Gian Carlo, Orange Creamsicle + Gorilla Breath

Choose Your Free Pre-Rolls: MAC 1, Gian Carlo, Lemon Drop, Snax + Gorilla Breath

Freebie Excludes Living Soil Strains