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KANNA Delta-8 THC Cartridges
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Shipping Update: Effective immediately all vaping products will require a signature of someone 21+ years of age upon delivery. Due to this necessity, an increased shipping rate is mandatory. We apologize for any inconvenience. Strains Sour Diesel [Sativa] Sour Diesel, aka...

Sour Diesel
OG Kush
Girl Scout Cookies
Bubba Kush
Blue Dream
Wedding Cake
Pineapple Express
Strawberry Cough
Ghost Train Haze
CannaAid THC-O Cartridge
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THC-O acetate is a refined version of Delta 8 THC, formulated to result in a 3x psychoactive effect compared to normal Delta 8.  The effects are more intense, with consumers reporting mild visual effects, strong euphoria, and an overall slightly...

Northern Lights
Obama Runtz
Cherry Pie
Jack Herer
Strawberry Cough
Train Wreck
CannaAid Delta 8 Cartridge
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Durban Poison
Sour Diesel
Tangie Cookies
Mango Kush
The New
CannaAid Delta-10 Cartridge
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This strain produces a relatively short-lived, mellow high that is also uplifting and powerfully relaxing. Medical marijuana patients choose Cannatonic to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety and migraines. This strain has a slightly earthy odor with a sweet citrus flavor.

CannaAid CDT Cartridge
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Featuring a twin-chamber cartridge: one with 1ml for Delta 8, and one for terpenes, this is a smoother experience than any cart.

Sour Lifter
Sour Special Sauce
Super Sour Space Candy
Bellini Live Resin CBD Cartridge
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Bellini is a blend of Strawberry Cough & Peach Rings cannabis derived terpenes, a personal favorite of our founders. It is an uplifting sativa strain, one that users report leaves them bright and cheery with a positive outlook on the...