A Cannabis and Wine Compendium

A Cannabis and Wine Compendium

Cannabis and wine have been cultivated and used together since prehistoric times. After all, they are both the bearings of plants and laden with many of the same terpenes, made of mostly hydrocarbons. Their place in ritual, enjoyment and trade have been integral throughout recorded history. And since we're in the cannabis and wine business at Kanna, we thought it was time for us to compile a blog for the best combinations of the two.

So grab a CBD is Better for Hangovers bottle, maybe some CBG tincture, a Mend shot, and call a Lyft, because we're crushing some grapes with our bud on this one.

off the bat,  would like to highlight Peter Zemmer's Vernatsch Schiava with Pink Panther flower--also available in delta 8 variety.This medium-bold and fruit-forward wine pairs well with the sweet yet piney notes of the Pink Panther, a sativa-dominant hybrid. Pink Panther is full of terpinolene, a healing terpene, so it will do well for a hair-of-the-dog morning after smoke.

BaOx is a very versatile strain of CBD and can really go with either white or red wine. With its earthy flavors, BaOx sits well with either Tableland's Sauvignon Blanc or a Sicilia Rosso from Mary Taylor wines. High in both beta-Myrcene and beta-Caryophyllene terpenes, if you have inflammation and pain, a glass of either suggested wine and a good measure of BaOx and you will be relieved. These pairings are what I call my "bathtub parings," as they will take away the stress of the day and immerse you in relaxation. For an even more relaxing time, try adding Viva Green's CBD Bath Bomb to the mix and you will feel like a new person.


For all you champagne fans out there, I've done my homework on this one. After trying an array of products to pair together, I've landed on our Claude Genet Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs (100% chardonnay) champagne paired with a Cannatonic THCa preroll. The dry, slightly fruity texture of the champagne goes down easily with a Cannatonic pre-roll, or you can buy your own flower and DIY. Or if you want to get down with the Delta 8 and champagne, try our Ghost Train Haze Delta 8 cartridge, which is a sativa that nuances that pair well with the effervescent bubbles of champagne.Ghost Train Haze begins its speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of euphoria and relaxation, awakening creativity and happiness.


Bhumi's Delta 8 Chocolates are a treasure trove for wine pairings. I recommend a Bordeaux Rouge from Mary Taylor Wines with the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Delta8 Chocolate. The dryness of the Merlot/Cabernet blend and the bitter sweetness of dark chocolate envelop each other in a lush and divine mix. The THC binds with the fatty acid in the chocolate, giving a deeper and more intense euphoria and body buzz. Again, this is for a night in or for those who brave to go out buzzed. On the other hand, for lovers of white chocolate, then check out Bhumi's White Chocolate Lemon Blueberry squares. At 25mg of Delta 8 THC a piece, these squares are a delight. Pairs well with Isola del Satiro, a white Italian wine. Also available in 200mg bars.

 For you beer lovers out there, I'd like to give you a shout out and include a couple of cannabis and beer pairings for y'all.

 Suffolk Punch is a local brewery that makes some tasty craft beers. One that sticks out is Hyde in the Haze, a New England style hazy IPA. With this juicy, hoppy, beer, I would recommend either delta 10 Tangie or Cookies for flower. And if you like cartridges or even concentrate, then definitely try sour diesel wax or a cartridge with this beer. The combo seems almost made for each other.

Another beer pairing is Suffolk Punch German Pilsener and a Blue Dream (Delta8 with cannabis derived terpenes) vape cartridge or AC/DC CBD preroll, depending on what you are in the mood for. The easy-drinking pilsener and the alerting effects of AC/DC make for a session-able combination, and the relatively low-gravity of a pilsener pair well with Delta8 THC.

Ok, back to the vino.


Another luscious red wine from Peter Zemmer is Raut: this vintage is the flipside to the Vernatsch Schiava: more earthy and complex, with deep earthy aromas of mushroom and honey and notes of cedar and black currant on the palate. May be drunk young or aged for up to 5 years. Pairs well with either Chem Dawg delta 8 or a Granddaddy Purple cartridge. Or if you aren't down with delta 8, Abacus, one of our in-house grown flower strains would make a great complement to the Raut.


How about Rosé all day? Our new arrival of rosé is Sylvain Minoit Saint Pourçain Rosé, distributed by Mary Taylor. This is an exceptionally drinkable dry rosé from the Loire Valley, one of the oldest winemaking regions in France. Made with 100% Gamay grapes, this approachable vino has a generous mouthfeel with notes of peach and rose petals. Pairs well with watermelon or strawberry KANNA Delta8 gummies, and Electric Buffalo

Alright you wine and cannabis lovers, that's it for me on this installment.

 A votre sante!

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